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Mercedes Afghani Hash

Mercedes Afghani Hash Mercedes Hash originates from Afghanistan and is known for its quality, texture and color. This hash hits you with a spicy smell and taste with a light flavor that leads to a very pleasant and relaxing high.

Soft Dark Afghani Hash

Soft Dark Afghani Hash The dark brown color signifies its robust flavor profile and high resin content, ensuring a powerful and long-lasting effect. Ideal for both solo sessions and sharing with friends, this soft hash is easy to handle and versatile in use. Enjoy the earthy, spicy undertones with every inhale and elevate your hash experience to new heights.

Rolls Royce BC Hash

Rolls Royce BC Hash For some cannabis lovers, the rich aromatic scent and taste make hash a unique treat. It’s easy to store, transport and enjoy.

President’s Choice Hash

President's Choice Hash The genes are overwhelmingly indica (10:90 sativa/indica ratio), yet they deliver a combination of head and body effects, including a relaxing physical buzz and happy, euphoric cerebral effects. Presidents Choice is sometimes used to treat eating disorders and wasting conditions because it induces a powerful case of the munchies.

Zig Zag Hash (Soft Caramel)

Zig Zag Hash (Soft Caramel) When inhaled, this sticky rubbed hash fills your lungs with an earthy, resinous smoke and once exhaled leaves a soft and pleasant aftertaste. A perfect addition to a joint or on it’s own in a bowl. The high is light and talkative.

Zig Zag Hash

Zig Zag Hash The hash will leave you relaxed. It provides a general sense of well-being and can make you feel a little sleepy. The combination of effects makes it perfect for pain relief and to combat nausea.