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AAAA+ Rocky Mountain Moonshine Diamonds

AAAA+ Rocky Mountain Moonshine Diamonds The perfect sativa to get you up and moving, Rocky Mountain Moonshine packs energizing and lifted effects that will leave you soaring in both mind and body. Your cerebral state will be lifted with a sense of creative energy and motivation that gets your mental gears turning. At the same time, a soothing body high will sneak into your limbs, helping to calm aching muscles without causing any sedation to speak of. This bud has a sour citrusy lemon flavor with a lightly peppery and flowery exhale.  

AAAA+ Airside OG Diamonds

AAAA+ Airside OG Diamonds Named for its airy and floating high, Airside OG is perfect for any indica lover who wants to feel lifted yet relaxed for hours on end. You'll feel a slow creep of effects washes over you, filling your brain with a sticky happiness that instantly pushes out any negative or racing thoughts, replacing them with a hazy bliss. This bud has a sweet and sour fruity apple flavor with a lightly woody and spicy exhale.  

AAAA+ Diamonds By Valley Farms – 1 Gram Packaged

Disclaimer: For orders over 25 units, we will diversify amongst all strains available automatically unless otherwise specified in order notes during checkout. Mix and match option: Buying bulk? Feel free to request a specific breakdown of other grams you would like, however, it must be the SAME or LESSER VALUE. Eg. Purchasing 250 units of AAAA Puff Canada Shatter, at checkout you may request half Valley Farms and half Puff Canada since it is the same pricing. AAAA+ Diamonds By Valley Farms - 1 Gram Packaged Diamonds are a highly concentrated form of cannabis that holds the potential to achieve 100% purity. That triple-digit number means that when you take one, you get nothing else but pure, unadulterated THC.  

AAAA+ Emperor Cookies Diamonds

AAAA+ Emperor Cookies Diamonds The Emperor Cookies high is bright and airy, with heady effects that will get you up and moving but won't really help you focus on much of anything. You'll feel a giddiness wash over you as well as a sharp increase in sociability, helping you carry on conversations with those around you with ease. This bud packs flavors of rich nutty vanilla and sweet yet sour citrus into each and every toke.  

House Budget Purple Rain Wet Diamonds

House Budget Purple Rain Wet Diamonds Patients who use Purple Rain to relieve their chronic pains do get relief from it once they smoke this strain. Purple Rain is also used for stimulating hunger, so people desiring to increase their appetite for gaining weight can use this strain as well. Its buzz length is not very long; after an hour, you will feel its effects vanishing away.  

House Budget Alien Rock Candy Wet Diamonds

House Budget Alien Rock Candy Wet Diamonds The high starts with a lifted feeling in the back of the head that subtly pulls up your mood, erasing any negative or racing thoughts and replacing them with hazy heady bliss. This is accompanied by a deeply relaxing body high that will soon have you totally sedated, drifting away into a long-lasting and peaceful sleep.  

AAA Dark Star Wet Diamonds

AAA Dark Star Wet Diamonds The indica genes in this strain produce a calming physical buzz with euphoria, happiness, and some limited cerebral effects. It's a good source of medicine for chronic body pain, everyday stress, and lack of appetite, as it can generate a powerful case of the munchies. The flavor and aroma of Dark Star both have strong, sweet notes of coffee and soil.

AAAA+ Quattro Kush Wet Diamonds

AAAA+ Quattro Kush Wet Diamonds The high comes on with a slow build, lulling into the back of your brain with a light-lifted effect that pushes away any negative or racing thoughts and replaces them with unfocused stoniness. As your mind expands, your body will succumb to a happy peaceful state that leaves you totally relaxed although not sleepy. Quatro Kush has a sweet and sour earthy flavor with a spicy exhale.  

AAAA+ Cherry Wonka Diamonds

AAAA+ Cherry Wonka Diamonds Each sweet inhale brings mouthwatering tastes of fresh cherries and fruity earth with just a touch of herbs. The Cherry Wonka high has a fast-hitting build, hitting you cerebrally just a few minutes after your first toke. You'll feel a euphoric rush of energy and motivation that is sparked by creative inspiration and a deep sense of focus.  

AAAA Galactic Runtz Diamonds

AAAA Galactic Runtz Diamonds The high is super soothing from start to finish, with a lifted happy overtone and a sense of heavy tranquility. Your mind will feel settled and kicked back with a lightly hazy sense that has you a little out of touch with reality but totally cool with it. This soothing sense will soon spread its tingly tendrils throughout your entire body, helping you to stretch out and relax while also leaving you feeling a bit aroused at times.

AAAA+ Super Sour Diesel Caviar

AAAA+ Super Sour Diesel Caviar Users describe the Super Sour Diesel high one that is incredibly strong, almost to the point of being overpowering. You'll feel intensely happy and uplifted but spacey and easily distracted. Despite being a little out of it, Super Sour Diesel will leave you feeling relaxed and creative, with tendencies towards slight anxiety if too much is smoked at once. Bulk Mix & Match: 1. Add the total QTY desired to your cart eg. 1LB 2. In your order notes during checkout, please note the exact breakdown of mix & match desired Eg. 4 Strains * QP = 1LB 3. Important to note, the strains included in your order notes must be same or lesser value than item in cart or we will not be able to honour. 4. If one of your strains is out of stock, we will replace with it with additional of the other strains in your order notes.

AAAA+ Pink Tuna Sugar Wax

AAAA+ Pink Tuna Sugar Wax Pink Tuna buds have a sweet and sour fruity diesel flavor with a heavy pungent aroma to match.  The high starts with cerebral effects that suddenly crash through your mind, leaving you utterly euphoric and pretty unfocused at times with a tendency to drift away into space.