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AAAA Valley Farms Shatter – Multiple Flavors Available!

AAAA Valley Farms Shatter - Mutliple Flavors Available! Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that got its name due to its texture that is a hard, golden and translucent sap which breaks or shatters like glass. It is normally described as a type of BHO (Butane Hash Oil) that is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes due to its extraction process. Automatic Diversity: For all orders 25 units or more, we will automatically send a diverse selection, unless otherwise specified in your order notes during checkout. Bulk Mix & Match: 1. Add the total QTY desired to your cart eg. 1LB 2. In your order notes during checkout, please note the exact breakdown of mix & match desired Eg. 4 Strains * QP = 1LB 3. Important to note, the strains included in your order notes must be same or lesser value than item in cart or we will not be able to honour. 4. If one of your strains is out of stock, we will replace with it with additional of the other strains in your order notes.