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Pineapple Runtz Live Resin By Island Exclusives

BRAND NEW BULK PRICING! LIMITED BULK Note: For Mix and Match Live Resin, please let us know your desired breakdown in the order notes. Price must be same or lesser value. We will fulfill as close as possible to your mix and match request. If you would like your shipment weighed up by the gram, it is an additional fee. Please contact our live chat team for details. There may be a 5-7 business days delay for orders over 250g. For bulk orders over 250g, specify your strain breakdown during checkout and we will do our best to fulfill your strain requests. Use Bulk5 for 5% off bulk orders (QP+) Split a BULK ORDER with all your friends & SAVE BIG!! Pineapple Runtz Live Resin By Island Exclusives The Pineapple Runtz high is a great choice for helping you settle down and get to sleep after a long and stressful ay, with soothing effects that will have you feeling kicked back in no time at all. You'll feel lifted yet calm, filled with a happy giggly sense that will have you laughing at anything around you for no reason at all. A sense of calm accompanies this blissful boost, eventually turning sedative and leaving you dozing off before you know it. USE PROMOCODE FREE40 FOR $40 OFF ORDERS OVER $299 + FREE SHIPPING!! USE PROMOCODE FREE20 FOR $20 OFF ORDERS OVER $149 + FREE SHIPPING!!