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Bulk Diversity Packs – AAAA Live Resins (3-4 Strains)

Bulk Diversity Packs - AAAA Live Resins (3-4 Strains) Embrace the world of premium cannabis with our Bulk Diversity Packs - AAAA Live Resins. Elevate your cannabis journey with the perfect blend of quality, variety, and excellence. Disclaimer: We will send a VARIETY of available strains, there are no promises that you will get what request but we will 100% tailor fulfillment based on your order notes, for 100% specific strain orders, please buy the specific listing independently. Strains you may receive: AAAA Acapulco Gold Live Resin AAAA LA Kush Cake Live Resin AAAA Master Kush Live Resin AAAA Miracle Alien Cookies Live Resin AAAA Unicorn Piss Live Resin (more coming soon) There is an additional fee if you want your shipment weighed up by the gram. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our live chat team for details. There may be a 5-7 business days delay for orders over 250g. For bulk orders over 250g, specify your strain breakdown during checkout and we will do our best to fulfill your strain requests.