Like any type of cooking it’s all about the ingredients. Our cookies, brownies and other edibles are no different. We make sure only the best Sativa, Indica and Hybrids are used.

If you ingest edible cannabis that contains THC, it does take longer before the effects kick in, so be patient and start with smaller doses. You may be tempted to eat more. Before doing this, become familiar with your level of tolerance. All of our edible products come in various potencies of THC, so, take it slow and eat a little at a time. Batten down the hatches! You might try hanging with an experienced friend as well.

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Skunky’s THC Chocolate Chip Cookies -150MG | 400MG


Skunky’s THC Chocolate Chip Cookies – 150MG | 400MG

Skunky’s cookie are available in 150 mg and 400 mg doses. They are palatable edibles that carry a blast of a blow to even the most seasoned stoner’s. They are produced utilizing THC Distillate filled dough and baked to fulfillment.