CBD Pills 101: Benefits, Effects, and Risks

The world is constantly growing, changing, evolving. It is part of the human condition to always look for the next thing. Whether it is innovative tech, an important medical breakthrough, or a new way to consume cannabis, we are constantly striving for more. 

In fact, one of the most exciting developments of our era comprises the advancement of technology, medicine, and cannabis: CBD pills. These dynamic cannabinoid-containing capsules provide relief for myriad conditions, including pain and inflammation, nausea, and anxiety. But CBD in medicine is nothing new—cannabis has been confirmed as a part of the healing practices of many different cultures for millennia. 

What makes the novel CBD pill so exciting is the continued research and development into its many health benefits and healing properties. And being that CBD is non-psychoactive, it offers well-tolerated relief with a low potential for side effects. While buying CBD capsules in Canada might not be right for everybody, there are plenty of reasons why they might just be the right choice for you! 


What Does CBD Do?

Research has traced the presence of cannabis in medicine back millennia, confirming its use as far back as 2900 BC. If it was clear then how valuable cannabis was, it should be beyond apparent how useful this potent plant is now! And part of what makes cannabis so invaluable? The cannabinoid CBD.

CBD interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, initiating and regulating a number of integral functions that affect health and wellness. Whether it is consumed through ingestion or inhalation or applied topically, its healing components provide relief without common pharmaceutical side-effects.

Recognized most commonly for its ability to calm stress and reduce pain, CBD has copious uses, many of which are still to be discovered. Aside from its well-known anxiolytic qualities, CBD can boost mood and support sleep, something of great value to those experiencing depression or insomnia.

Due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory attributes, CBD is commonly used to treat conditions such as chronic pain and arthritis. Its antiemetic components are beneficial to those experiencing nausea associated with harsh treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. CBD can also help individuals living with epilepsy, acting as an anticonvulsant, easing muscle spasms, and reducing the frequency of seizures.

Why Should You Try CBD?


Interested in CBD but not looking to smoke a joint? Or perhaps you’re tired of dealing with sticky droppers and the potential for mess that comes with oil. Edibles are an option, but they aren’t for everyone, whether this is due to allergies, a specific diet, or preference. So what is the alternative? CBD pills, of course!

CBD capsules contain hemp-extracted CBD concentrate, a highly condensed form of the potent but non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Most commonly combined with a carrier oil and contained in a capsule, there are many benefits to pills.

Like what? Well, for example:

  1. Ease

CBD pills offer one of the easiest-to-use formats for cannabis consumption available. Unlike CBD oil, a pill can simply be popped in your mouth and thrown back with a glass of water. When you buy CBD oil online in Canada, you’ll notice it comes in a bottle with a dropper. CBD oil then has to be measured to ensure proper dosing, while pills are already ready to consume.

Pills are also much more portable. Lugging around a bottle and dropper is cumbersome and hazards a leak, while carrying cookies in your purse might leave you with nothing more than inedible crumbs. On the other hand, CBD pills can easily be added to a small travel bottle or a weekly pillbox.

This makes CBD pills ideal for the elderly. As pills are a common component in the lives of many elderly individuals, pills can be included in one’s regular dose of medications. This diminishes the chance of a forgotten dose. Removing the dropper from the equation means there is one less step in the process, which could otherwise prove frustrating due to weakened strength, immunity, and dexterity. 

Taking care of your health should be easy, and CBD pills make it so.

  1. No Mess

A bottle full of liquid is easy to spill. And a dropper is easy to, well, drop. Too many stories have been told of a slippery, oily bottle slipping from one’s grasp, leaving the carpet stained or the bed sheets smelling vaguely weedy. As careful as you might try to be, there is always the potential for a mess. With CBD pills, though, the chance of a mess is greatly diminished. So you spilled the bottle? No worries! You can simply pick the pills up and put them back. No oil-stained carpet, no money lost on wasted product.

Smoking cannabis can prove just as messy, with a little bit of bud ending up here, there, and everywhere. And potentially the messiest of all: edibles. If you choose to bake your own, be prepared for a lot of cleanup. Yes, you can buy CBD oil online in Canada to make your own edibles, or even order edibles online, but unless you store your cannabis baked goods properly, you could end up with a mouldy mess!

  1. Discretion

Taking a pill is a common, everyday occurrence for many individuals. Whether it is a daily dose of medication, a supplement to support digestion, or a cough suppressant for a nasty cold, seeing someone pop a pill, in most cases, is far from suspicious. 

Using a dropper to measure and ingest CBD oil? That is a bit more out-of-the-ordinary and might elicit raised eyebrows from certain folks. And smoking cannabis simply isn’t acceptable in many situations, even when done so with a medical card. Between the smell, the smoke, and the taboo, there is little chance of being inconspicuous. 

Unfortunately, many people are prone to passing judgement and making assumptions. Consuming CBD in capsule form prevents groundless suspicions and misconceptions, as taking a pill is considered socially acceptable. While progress has been made to lessen the taboo regarding cannabis consumption, more work is required. Until then, CBD pills serve a great purpose.

  1. Precision

While CBD oil can be measured, there is always the potential for error. If you make edibles with the oil when you buy CBD oil online, it is even more difficult to be sure of your dose. CBD pills offer a safe, standardized dose that falls within a certain threshold, efficiently providing you with the ideal level of CBD for your needs.

This, again, is especially important for elderly individuals, as CBD pills can be added to your regular medication schedule. With oils and tinctures, the additional step may disrupt a routine, especially if something like a spill happens. 

For individuals living with dementia, the need to self-dose can result in a missed dose or an overdose. An overdose of CBD is not dangerous and provides a very low level of side effects. However, when you dose more than the recommended amount of CBD, it is possible for the positive effects to diminish.


Are There Risks?

There are very few risks associated with the consumption of CBD, although some side effects have been noted. These are generally uncomfortable but neither harmful nor dangerous. They can include dry mouth, headaches, and fatigue. On the other hand, consuming CBD products in capsule form removes the need for smoking cannabis and the health risks that come with it. Yes, there are many ways to enjoy cannabis, but capsules are definitely one of the safer options out there.

It should also be noted that, while many CBD capsules are produced using vegetable cellulose, other capsules are made with bovine gelatin. As a result, some CBD pills are not suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those with certain allergies, or individuals practicing certain beliefs and religions.

Let’s Get Poppin’ with CBD

For many Canadians, it can be difficult to find a safe, well-tolerated solution to quelling pain and reducing stress. While pharmaceuticals work for a number of ailments, there are many reasons why an individual may need an alternative. Luckily, you can find top-tier CBD oil and CBD capsules online in Canada to help treat, heal, and support you and your health.

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